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Ink Bottles

If your ink pad has dried out, you can purchase a bottle of ink to top it up.  Use this sparingly as you don’t need to drown the ink pad, it will absorb the ink.

The Supreme inks are not available in ink pads.  You can purchase a bottle of ink and a dry ink pad and put a bit of ink on the pad, and you will be stamping away in no time.

Fabric ink is obviously the ink for fabric, but it is quick drying so can also be used on surfaces such as wood, plastics, glass and anything with a bit of a shine.

Reinking Bottle - BLACK INK


Reinking Bottle - BLUE INK


Reinking Bottle - RED INK


Reinking Bottle - GREEN INK


Reinking Bottle - VIOLET INK


Supreme Range - BROWN INK

Supreme Ink bottle - BROWN INK